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Thread: ruin the curve

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    ruin the curve

    When most of the class is cheating on a difficult exam and they will ruin the curve, it influences you to cheat so your grade won't be affected.

    A head of curve means higher scores or better performance, how about "ruin the curve?" Does it mean to affect average score?

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    Are you familiar with a bell curve grading system?

    10% f
    20% d
    40% c
    20% b
    10% a

    Earning a "b" or "a" puts you ahead of the curve. You fit into the natural curve.
    Cheating to get a "b" or "a" will change the percentages artificially and ruin the natural curve.

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    I like your succint illustration.

    Susan: It's hard to believe that Sabrina ruined the curve.
    Martin: Yeah, how did she do that? I never saw her sit down and study. She spent most of her time partying.
    Here in my example, we wouldn't have any idea if Sabrina cheated in the test. I inferred from Martin that Sabrina seemd to play around all day and never had her nose in a book. And Sabrina must have passed the test with flying colors so that Susan said it's hard to believe. In the end, Sabrina's scores affected the curve.

    Do I hit it right? :)

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    Presumably, they feel she shouldn't have got an A and forced hard working studnts into a lower grade.


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