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Thread: fidgety

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    Is there a word to explain this situation.

    Someone is very excited... her hearth is bitting... happily... but not as ıf her haert will stop... Is fidgety explains this situation. But I understand.... fidgety covers a situation like inpatient... a bit nervous etc...

    But If a person is not nervous... tens but not in a negative meaning...

    which word I should use?

    For example... you will go somewhere where you wanted to go very very much... so the journey to there ise like a dream for you planned so long... So You took the train... your heart is so happiliy bitting....... but you don't say my heart is happily moving... there must be a word to explain this.
    What is the word? any idea

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    Re: fidgety

    This describes a person who is excited, aroused, stimulated, anxious, geeked

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