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    hi, I want to know about combination of words as we use to express or emphazie more with the help of adjective or two nouns or adverbs etc etc. for example we use sharp pain, badly hurt, affected personality. Would you please kind enough to guide me from where could i learn the correct combination of such words that could make my writings more effective and understandable. So far as the collocated words are concerned we can learn it by knowing they are bound to come together but how we can learn other combinations absolutely correct and acceptable ones. anxiously wait for you reply as very much interested to leran as soon as possible. Best regards.
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    There are some good collocation books available to buy. If you want a good reference book the best one on the market at the moment is 'The Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English' by Diana Lea. Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English: Books: Diana Lea
    If you want a good practice book to help you test your collocations and improve your use of them, the best one to buy is 'Check Your Vocabulary for Collocations' by Alison Wooder and Jon Marks. ( Check Your Vocabulary for Natural English Collocations: All You Need to Improve Your Vocabulary (Check Your Vocabulary): Books: Jon Marks,Alison Wooder)

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