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    Question can you 'idealise' a noun??

    I do understand the difference between idealise and idolise.But I am slightly confused about the usage.
    I wrote"you must be idealising tom cruise."
    My friend insisted that it should be idolise.
    I agree he is a cinema idol and therefore should be idolised but is it wrong to write that you idealise an idol.can you idealise a person(a noun) or is it only abstract quality you can??

    while I believe firmly that you can I would also like it if you could specify the grammar involved and a detailed explaination.


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    Re: can you 'idealise' a noun??

    If you are idealising Tom Cruise, you are regarding him as better than he is in reality. You are seeing him as the ideal of [a man/an actor/a personality].

    If you idolise Tom Cruise, you revere him to an excessive degree. You turn him into a sort of god.

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