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Thread: scolds/curses

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    Whenever I do something wrong in home, my mother scolds/curses me.

    I used to understand the both (scolds/curses) as having the same meaning. Do you know any differences?

    Are there another alternatives for scolds/curses which are more common in this situation?

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    Re: scolds/curses

    A synonym for scolds might be 'tell off'

    Whenever I do something wrong at home my mother tells me off.

    I cannot imagine using 'curses' in this context as it seems too strong.

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    Re: scolds/curses

    Dear User_gary,

    There are a little more synonyms of "scold ": admonish, blame, censure, chide, find fault with, lecture, neg, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, take to task, tick-off, upbraid.

    There are also a few very interesting synonyms of the noun "scolding": castigation, dressing-down, earful, lecture, rebuke, reprimand, reproof, row, talking -to, telling-off, ticking-off.



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    Re: scolds/curses

    Thank you friends.

    My mother tells me off if I don't do homework.

    My father will tell me off as I have lost my bike.

    Are the both sentences correct?

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