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    mock exam


    A teacher in France would like to know if a "mock exam", ou a "mock baccalaureate" is correct.

    Thank you for your brilliant contribution.

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    Re: mock exam

    Either could be used. It would help to have the full context of use.

    In the UK, training examinations for GCSE are "mock GCSEs", but I don't know how this would transfer to the baccalaureate.

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    Re: mock exam

    A "mock-up" is something that is not the real thing, but almost; a model for the real thing. For example, magazine compaies do mock-ups for each page, then layout the real page that goes to the printer.

    A "mock" election would be just like the real thing, a model, or imitation.

    I think that your teacher means "practice baccalaureate, which means to practice the ceremony so everyone knows where to stand and what to do before the real event.

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