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Thread: Colon or coma?

  1. Heather Pennington

    Colon or coma?

    My husband, who is also my boss, insists that it is correct when you write a letter to put a colon after the person to whom it is addressed. I alway put a coma, which is correct?

    For example:

    Dear James: (his way)

    Dear James, (my way)

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    Re: Colon or coma?

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    Re: Colon or coma?

    This seems to be an increasing change between British and American writing style. In all my working years I never received a letter with a colon following the greeting, even from American correspondents.

    However, increasingly American instruction is to put a colon instead of a comma.

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    Re: Colon or coma?

    I'd agree on what Anglika said. Not once have I received a letter with a colon following 'Dear'.
    We've all been taught to use a comma, and now, all of a sudden(to me, at least), we have a differentiation (AmE, BrE).
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    Re: Colon or coma?

    In Canada, a long time ago, we were taught to use a colon after the greeting. I checked 4 recent letters and they all still had a colon there.

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