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    Fast Track to FCE Workbook

    Due to a number of reasons I got stuck with a problem I have....I am teaching the FCE course based on FAST TRACK to FCE Course book, published by Longman (authors: Alan Stanton & Mary Stephens).
    The problem I have is the following: I lack the key for the workbook, and it presents a real problem since I can't check the correctness of the exercises. For most of it, I can go through it, but then again, having in mind this is FCE, there are often answers/choices which are ambiguous or tri-ambiguous (i know it aint a word, but just to state my point), and the thing I hate most is not being able to give the correct answer to students. Another reason is that instead of having the answers ready, and eventually having to explain why a) is correct and b) wrong or why that exact word fills the gap etc etc etc...I have to spend a huge amount of time, going through all of it by myself, so I do the exercises and get the answers, and of course, trip over every now and then on something Im not sure about or simply I just dont know it.
    And I need that immediately...Ive looked around but I couldnt find it anywhere...I know it may be not the most appropriate question to ask, but I really need this thing desperately, so I was wondering if the key to the workbook can be found somewhere in pdf/word/any format to download for free , or if someone maybe has it, to send it to me...Id be extremely grateful ....

    if anyone can help, thank you in advance....if not, thanks again, for taking time to read this...
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    Re: Fast Track to FCE Workbook Used and New: Fast Track to FCE: Workbook (Fast Track)

    I don't know if this is any use to you, but there are cheap copies available on Amazon Marketplace - it doesnt' specify whether the key is included.

    Very frustrating for you.

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    Re: Fast Track to FCE Workbook

    Thank You Clare...but unfortunately, ordering/buying the book isnt an option...mainly coz it aint my responsibility to do so, and the ones who are responsible for that, didnt provide it..I mean, they didnt even provide a Teacher's Book, coz one of the teachers who had used it two years ago, lost it...the frustrating thing is, they are beginning a course without providing the essential materials for that...they should have either chosen a different book before the start of the semester, or make sure that they have all the necessary things available for the one they decided to use...eventually, it was me who got a Teacher's Book so I could work with it, not them...but unfortunately for the workbook, im I guess Ill just keep going without it....its not expensive to order it...but thats something the management should consider, not me...moreover, it doesnt say if its with a key or without...I wish I could just get the key...thats all i need..
    anyway, thanks a lot for taking the time to reply, and look for the book....its greatly appreciated

    and yeah, it IS very frustrating indeed to work without the key for an FCE Course

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