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    Post the meaning of Words

    Hi teacher..
    <1> what does "Let me carry your bag for you" mean?
    Does 'carry' mean holding your bag or moving your bag to somewhere?

    <2> The customs officer made Sally open her case.. here what does 'case' mean?
    Does it mean "suitcase' or "box"? If it means 'suitcase', you usually call 'suitcase' just 'case'??

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    Re: the meaning of Words

    1. "Let me carry your bag for you" means let me hold your bag for you.

    2. "Case" here means Suitcase or Baggage. "Case" has different meanings in different contexts. Whether to call "suitcase" or "case" may differ from person to person and even from place to place.

    For ex: In India, we call it a "suitcase" whereas in many parts of the world, people only refer to it as "case."

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