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    how to use a dictionary

    When you are reading something in English, you may often come across a new word. What’s the best way to know it?
    You may look it up in the English-Chinese Dictionary. It will tell you a lot about the word: the pronunciation, the Chinese meaning and also how to use this word. But how can you know where the word is in the thousands of English words? How to find it in the dictionary both quickly and correctly?
    First, all the English words are in the alphabetical order. In the dictionary you can first see the words beginning with the letter A, then B, C, D, EThat means if there are two words “desert” and “pull”, “desert” will be certainly before “pull”. Then if there are two words “desert” and “pull”, “desert” will be certainly before “pull”. Then if there area two words both beginning with the same letter, you may look at the second letter. Then the third, the fourth, For example, “pardon” is before “plough”, “judge” before “just”, etc.
    Do you understand how to look up a word in a dictionary?

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    Re: how to use a dictionary

    You have to know the English alphabet. Absolutely essential and there is no way to use a dictionary efficiently without knowing it. Learn it off by heart, and remember that within the dictionary, the order of the words follows the order of the alphabet.


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