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    Text Analysis Report...

    When analysing a text, what could be the best average report:

    Average Words per Sentence:
    Average Syllables per Word:
    Average Characters per Word:

    Hard Words: ( %)
    Lexical Density:
    Gunning Fog Index:
    Coleman-Liau Index:

    A short explanation on this will be appreciated.


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    Re: Text Analysis Report...

    That really depends on you.

    The readability score is usful for assessing how difficult it will be for your students to understand. The headword analysis will show you which words may difficult to understand.

    There is help available to explain what most of the features are. That will explain far more comprehensively than I can here.

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    Re: Text Analysis Report...

    In what way do you want to analyse the text? Very often, using more than one measure will be better.

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