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    Question Fire and sword

    i have to do an assignment whereby i have to find the meaning of this idiom/expression, "Fire and Sword".

    i did not manage to find the meaning, but managed to get some sentences regarding it.

    1. If the pressure of the public opinion cannot accomplish this, then a way will be made by fire and sword.

    2. The pain of the divine frustration burst forth in the fury of fire and sword.

    3. I was about to carry fire and sword throughout the District.

    but they don't tally.


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    Re: Fire and sword

    Welcome to the forums.

    Consider the effects of fire and the effects of using a sword. How can these effects be used in a symbolic or metaphorical way? What will the user be trying to say?

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    Re: Fire and sword

    The effects of fire and as well as of a sword? A fire reveals generally to an anger and the blood for a sword. Then Fire and sword should mean in a very uneasy condition that one is quite on his nerves that he could get out a sword of his hand... :s ???? Well, it is just my hypothesis! I am not a native and not a good English learner neither. :)

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