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    Grammar Diagnostic Needed

    I recently took over a college-level remedial composition class of fourteen students, each of whom come from varying writing backgrounds. None of them has English as their first language. I am looking for a good, comprehensive, free, printable grammar diagnostic that I can administer to my students to determine their grammar strengths and weaknesses and plan appropriate lessons. Does anyone know of such an assessment tool? There are plenty of assessments online that are too narrow int their coverage. I need one that covers all elements of grammar (that doesn't mean I will administer it all at once; they might become disillusioned and drop the class).

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    Re: Grammar Diagnostic Needed

    Some of our beginning-of-term grammar diagnostics consist of a list of about 40 sentences (most with one or more errors....a few correct) that the students must correct. An advantage of this type of diagnostic is that it's easy for the teacher to scan and grade. Also, it's rather easy to create sentences with multiple errors in them.

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