East Hastings Street is the worst area in Vancouver where has lots of drug dealers taking drugs and crimes.

In the morning, you can see there are many homeless people returning cans and bottles for money. It is the best time to go to East Hastings Street because crimes usually happen at night.

Two years ago, I checked the "Trip planning" on the Translink's website, it called me to tranfer the bus there. I followed the information of the website, and I asked the bus driver to let me off there. The bus driver gave me a weird look. When I arrived there, I finally understand why the bus driver did that to me. I saw the people that were taking drug, screming and stabbing a plastic bag with an umbrella. At that moment, I was scared and I was afriad that I might got kill. After that, I told myself I won't go there anymore. I am afraid that they may kill me for money because I know I will not give money to them even I am dangerous. I cannot accept people give money to them for them to buy drugs, but I hope government can do more for them. It is good for the city because it cans help the drugs-users change their lifes and the government can earn more money from the vistors.

The drugs-users were poor, they lost their friends and family. They addicted to take the drugs, it made them lost weight and got diseases. The drugs-users cannot control it, so they take more and more drugs. At the end, they went to the hospital and dead.

Drugs affect people's life; therefore, we must help drugs-users to quit drugs.