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    pitch isplaying fine.

    As for the pitch, it is a true Test pitch. Australia are 2-1 up and this was always going to be a tight game and India had to dominate to draw. And Australia are obviously going to be very defensive to hold. But the pitch is playing fine, we are now in a position where anything can happen in the next hour or two. And then we have got a day set up tomorrow.

    I know "a team" or "a player" plays game but I don't know how "pitch" is playing here?

    So please explain to me what the "pitch is playing fine" means here.

    [Note : I know the meaning of "pitch". It is the area where batsman plays and bowler bowls]

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    Re: pitch isplaying fine.

    'The pitch is playing fine' is analogous to 'the car drives smoothly'. If the pitch was deteriorating, the match reporter might feel that the bowling side had the advantage - because the ball when bowled would bounce unpredictably (making it harder for the batting side). 'The pitch is playing fine' means that both sides have an even chance.


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