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    Subordinating and Co-ordinating Conjunctions.

    I am really confused about subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions.
    1.Since you left, I feel sad.
    In the above sentence, since is the subordinating conjunction.

    2.I feel sad since you left.
    In this sentence, since is the co-ordinating conjunction.
    Am I correct?
    Does a subordinating conjunction change into a co-ordinating if the order of the sentence is reversed?

    I heard that coordinate conjunctions are only these: and, but, or, nor, so, for and yet.
    and subordinate conjunctions are: since, because, when, if, after, although, until etc.
    Can a co-ordinate conjunction be a subordinate and a subordinate be a co-ordinate conjunction? eg:so
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    Re: Subordinating and Co-ordinating Conjunctions.

    I don’t think the arrangement of clauses in sentence 1. & 2. has anything to do with how we determine the 2 major classes (coordinating and subordinating) of conjunctions. It’s the type and nature of the actual conjunction itself that determines that.

    ‘Since’ is typically used as a subordinating conjunction of time (if it means in the course of the period following the time when) or reason (if it means because).

    Typical coordinating conjunctions are but, also, or, either … or & some of those as listed by you.

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