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    Mr Fairs

    Cannot the plural of giraffe also be 'giraffe'? Is this case not also true for several other animals (zebra)?

    i.e. ' There were many giraffe visible on the plain...'

    'I saw many such giraffe...'. or 'Among the many giraffe feeding etc'

    'Many such giraffes' sounds strange, whereas 'dogs', 'mice', 'cows', when similarly used, do not.

    C. Fairs.

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    Re: Mr Fairs

    No, a simple "s" on the end will make it plural. Pronounce it "gi-raffs"

    There are some names that do change:

    Wolf, wolves
    calf, calves
    fox, foxes

    a few use the same word for singular and plural
    fish, fish
    deer, deer

    Doncha' jus luv English?

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