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    settle down

    hi could u tell me what settle down means? and some examples and what is the difference between what about and about what and examples , thank you so much

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    Re: settle down

    Quote Originally Posted by becks View Post
    Hi, could you tell me what "settle down" means?
    Please give some examples.

    hat is the difference between "what about" and "about what" and examples.

    Thank you so much
    "settle down" = stop what you are doing and be quiet

    "Now, children, that is quite enough noise for now. Settle down and get on with your work."

    OR relax :

    "He settled down in front of the television with a beer."


    What about =
    used when suggesting or offering something to someone

    "What about this book? Is it any good?"

    In "About what", "what" is
    used as an interrogative expressing inquiry about the identity, nature, or value of an object or matter

    "This book is about what?" Can you tell me what the subject of this book is

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    Re: settle down

    Thank you so much, i aprecciate it, i have understood everything.

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