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    idioms as an expression of national character of English

    I have been interested in languages all my life, especially I like English and German. But now I have the problem because I don't know, which idioms should be regarded as the expression of English national character. Those of colour, about life and death or some other? And Where can I find the description of English national character?

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    Re: idioms as an expression of national character of English

    Welcome to the forums.

    Well now - there are lots of books discussing what might be the English national character. Have a look at this review of one: The English National Character, by Peter Mandler - Reviews, Books - and this one: The Page 69 Test: "The English National Character"

    As to which idioms can be said to be typical of the English character, I am not sure that this is possible to identify. Maybe someone else can come up with a suggestion.

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