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    Get through

    A teacher of English, a friend of mine, said that it's incorrect to elaborate a sentence like "She went through a temper". I know we don't hear this kind of phrase very often, but I guess it could be correct in some very specific contexts, since the context plays a major role in the pragmatic nature of the sentence.
    I'd like you to analyze it and tell me what you think.
    could you please elaborate a verbal situation where this sentence would be correct? Just for exemplification.

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    Re: Get through

    I'm afraid the phrase just isn't colloquial usage. You could, theoretically speaking, use it in a poem, but that's because in a poem you can twist the norms of language to surprise the reader and reveal an unexpected meaning. Personally, I can't imagine using it in any context.

    'She had a temper tantrum.', 'She was in a really bad mood.', 'She had been really grumpy.' are all nice enough alternatives.

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