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    expressway = a wide road built for fast moving traffic travelling long distances, with a limited number of points at which drivers can enter and leave it.

    Please explain to me what "points" means here.

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    Re: expressway

    "points" = particular places at which there is an exit/entrance road.

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    Re: expressway

    Hi user_gary,

    In the United States, an expressway is defined as a divided highway with partial control of access. In contrast, a freeway is defined as a divided highway with full control of access. The difference between partial and full access control is that expressways may have a limited number of driveway and at-grade intersections (thus making them a form of high-speed arterial road). while access to freeways is allowed only at-grade separated interchange.

    partial (limited) access road or controlled access road is a road to which access from adjacent properties is limited in someway. It can mean anything from a city street to which the maintaining authority limits driveway access to a freeway (or other equivalent terms).

    Expressways are defined as having a partial control of access "meaning that major roads typically use interchanges and commercial development is accessed via cross roads or frontage roads, which minor roads can cross grade and forms can have direct access.

    driveway = a private road that connect a house, garage, or other building with the street.

    an at-grade intersection is a junction at which two or more transport axes cross at the same level (or grade).

    With areas of high or fast traffic, an at-grade intersection normally requires a traffic control device such as a stop sign or traffic light or railway signal to manage conflict traffic.



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