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    mr E

    hello all, I have got my self in a such a doubt!
    A stuck up teacher said to me that the sentence:

    I eat rice with beans;

    is not correct, well as far as i was concerned it is correct, as the webster says that u use WITH, talking about food to indicate accompaniment; here is what webster says:

    [used as a function word to indicate combination, accompaniment, presence, or addition <heat milk with honey>];

    is it correct or not? if not why?

    kind regards
    mr E

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    Re: mr E

    Did you ask your teacher why?

    Maybe it is the verb.

    I eat rice with beans is present (going on now)

    I ate rice with beans is past (done in the past)

    I eat rice and beans is OK.

    Some people say I eat peanut butter with jelly Or I eat peanut butter and jelly.

    Ice cream with cake or ice cream and cake.

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