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    Hi teacher..
    "You want a piece of me".. what does that mean?? it's in" Piece of me" sung by Britney spears. Does it mean that you want even small part of me like my private life, privacy?? Dictionary says that "piece" means " a portion of some material; a bit." please explain in detail with especially the meaning of "piece"


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    Re: Piece of me-Britney Spears

    This is strictly colloquial use, especially in songs. It does not mean literally that you should have a piece (part, lump, chunk) of the person. You might think of it as poetic license, although much of the wording in today's songs bears little resemblance to poetry.
    You could compare it with two lovers where one says 'I could eat you all up' but obviously would never even try to do so!!

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