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    Post description of a person

    I don't understand what does the "facial hair" means in the following sentence. Please explain.

    He is described as a slim build, reddish brown facial hair.

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    Re: description of a person

    Hair gowing on the face, but not sufficient to describe it as a beard or moustache.

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    Re: description of a person

    facial hair is quite an interesting topic. there are many, many words and phrases describing types of beard and mustache. these are some of my favourites (the words not the styles I mean): 1. five o'clock shadow 2. neckbeard/chin curtain (e.g. Lincoln's beard) 3. soul patch (small hair growth just under the lower lip) 4.toothbrush (e.g. hitler's mustache)

    Bye the way, in the original question, having reddish facial hair and a slim build are used in the same sentence. Can we just jump from body build to facial features? I mean isn't there a logical/spatial order when describing a person? e.g age, height, build + face shape +hair, eyes etc. ?

    can we describe someone like this then: he is rather tall with blue eyes?

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