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    When to use them?

    When to use these two words, either and nether/neither?

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    Re: When to use them?

    Pronunciation: \ˈne-thər\ Function:adjective Etymology:Middle English, from Old English nithera, from nither down; akin to Old High German nidar down, Sanskrit niDate:before 12th century 1 : situated down or below : lower <the nether side>
    2 : situated or believed to be situated beneath the earth's surface <the nether regions>


    Pronunciation: \ˈnē-thər also ˈnī-\ Function:most commonly used as a conjunction but can be an adverb, noun, adjective, or pronoun Etymology:Middle English, alteration (influenced by either) of nauther, nother, from Old English nāhwæther, nōther, from nā, nō not + hwæther which of two, whetherDate:12th century 1 : not either <neither black nor white>
    2 : also not <neither did I>
    usage Although use with or is neither archaic nor wrong, neither is usually followed by nor. A few commentators think that neither must be limited in reference to two, but reference to more than two has been quite common since the 17th century <rigid enforcement of antique decorum will help neither language, literature, nor literati — James Sledd>.

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