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    "Work" versus "job"

    I've been looking for a good explanation of the difference between the words "work" and "job". These words are often seen as interchangeable, but still the two hold different connotations.

    The explanation I've come across most thus far is that work is the (often physical) labour one performs, while a job is the contract one has for performing these duties.

    However, my interpretation has always been as follows:

    A job could be seen as "just a job". You do it as a means of getting your weekly or montly pay-check, just something to live from. It's not really a career, just something you do to get paid, and you could move rather quickly from job to job.

    Work, on the other hand, is a more of a long-term employment, more permanent, so to speak. It's a way of earning a living, something you do and still see yourself doing a while from now. It's more steady than 'just a job', and could be seen as part of your career.

    So if I were to give an example, it would be this: right now, while I'm studying, I'm looking for a job, simply something to be able to pay the rent with and get some food on the table. After I'm graduated, I'm hoping to find some good paid work, something with which I hope to make a living and to do on the long run.

    My question is if I am correct in this assumption, or am I completely off?

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    Re: "Work" versus "job"

    Welcome to the forums.

    No, you are not completely off, but "my job" can be a life-long career [my job in publishing; my job at the university]. It is the regular work you do to earn a living, and it can be short or long-term.

    To me, in your example, "job" and "work" are interchangeable - I am looking for work in order to afford my rent and I am looking for a job in order to afford my rent.

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    Re: "Work" versus "job"

    If I were a student myself, it would mean almost the same to say I am looking for a job and I am looking for some work.
    To me, I am looking for a job (as a teacher) implies a kind of occupation I am interested in, while I am looking for some work implies something general I would like to do.

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    Re: "Work" versus "job"

    Thanks - both of you. I'm starting to see it now. It always takes a while, but I think I'm beginning to understand. ;)

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