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    won't be receiving?

    hi, my awesome English teachers,

    I watched a movie some days ago.

    A: Are you serious?
    B: Yes, I'm sorry but you won't be receiving the money.

    My question is why 'won't be receiving' was used rather than just "won't receive". Would you explain in terms of "feeling"? I mean I'd just like to how they sound like differently.

    Thanks a log!

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    Re: won't be receiving?

    There is a difference in tense.

    "You won't be receiving the money." is future continuous tense.

    "You won't receive the money." is future simple tense.

    These are very similar statements but the first (future continuous) suggests that the payment or payments would have occurred in the future at and/or over some unspecified time period, while the second (future simple) suggests a specific point in the future when payment would have occurred.
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    Re: won't be receiving?

    Well, I'm afraid the second is not future perfect, it is future simple.

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    Re: won't be receiving?

    Yes quite right... Future simple....

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