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    Smile fresh robster

    Hi, could I ask you about English adjectives to describe fresh robster?
    Japanese counterpart is "migashimatteiru". It means the meat is fresh and not loose, kind of hard, not watery... It is hard to explain and I can't find it in my Jap-Eng dictionary. If you know the appropriate word for it, I'd appreciate it very much.

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    Re: fresh robster

    When you say "fresh" lobster, do you mean that it is served raw? Or has it been freshly cooked? I don't know if I've ever had raw lobster, but instead of referring to the meat as "hard," we would describe it as "firm."

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    Re: fresh robster

    Yes, it is firm! Thank you very very much!! It is about boiled robster.

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    Re: fresh robster

    Hi Atuko,

    I think that the right adjective for the case in question is "tender".

    The lobster meat is tender and flavorful

    Lobster connoisseur claim the female lobster meat is more tender and often has....

    Lobsters have a high proportion of glycogen, a polysaccharide that converts into glucose, a simple sugar. This is why the meat tastes so sweet.

    The meat from the smaller claw is more tender and sweeter, thus considered more succulend.

    Lobster will become tough (it is better than "firm") when overcooked when the meat turns opaque, it is done and should be immediately removed from heat.



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