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Thread: Short writing

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    Short writing

    I'm doing a journal exchange with a 3rd-grader as a part of my Second Language Teaching course. I'm quite embarrassed that I'm struggling with the basic grammar and I do not wish to make any grammatical errors as this will be read before the kid's class.

    Could you check the following for errors?

    I donít have a Nintendo DS either, but I played Trauma Center on my friendís DS once and I got hooked. Iíve played Donkey Kong before, not on a Game Boy, but on a Super Nintendo. Super Nintendo is like Playstation or Xbox in the 90s, and I used to play games after games with it when I was your age. Good old times. Now Iím too busy keeping up with university and I canít do that anymore.
    My favourite cartoon, eh? I have to say Vision of Escaflowne. Itís difficult to say in one sentence what it is about, but Escaflowne is a large sword-wielding robot that can transform into a dragon-like form when it needs to fly. It was on YTV a few years ago.
    Yes, I do skate, but only occasionally. Do you skate well? I can barely balance myself. Soccer is the only sport I can say Iím good at. How about you? Are you good at any other sports?
    Thank you very much,

    - HKB

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    Re: Short writing

    All looks good except use "game after game" (single games). You should not worry too much about mistakes. The class will have a good laugh and you won't know!

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