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    Prepositions and stuff.

    Which of these is (more) correct?

    Do you know where is main street?


    Do you know where main street is?


    Do you know where's main street?

    and why are the other two wrong or less right?.

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    Re: Prepositions and stuff.

    Do you know where the main street is?. Usually, there is only one question word-order in a question and you already have that order in 'Do you know' so, the rest of the question takes affirmative word-order subject (the main street) and verb (is).

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    Re: Prepositions and stuff.

    but "Main Street" is the name of the street. I'm not asking where a main street is, I'm asking where "Main Street" is located. I guess I should've clarified that. Which of the three is correct under these circumstances then? Thank you

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    Re: Prepositions and stuff.

    Hi again, you should have used capital and I shouldn't have included 'the'. However, the answer would still be the same: Do you know where Main Street is?. (At least this is what grammar says, usage may be different, especially with 'be').

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