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    Hi everybody

    Still about "will"... I already know it is used basically to express concepts such as: Prediction/deduction/volition. Therefore, when a doctor say: "She will have a baby next summer", What concept is he expressing? Prediction, deduction or volition? Itīs all so confusing!!! Because if itīs a prediction... I can use will or going to and according to grammar books I use "will" for predictions based on my opinion and "going to" for predictions based on present evidence... A doctor would have present evidence... Sorry for insisting but for us wh are not native speakers itīs sometimes very hard to understand. If there is an explanation, can you help me please ?
    I thank you a lot for your help,

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    Re: Willy

    The easy answer is prediction (based on evidence) but the answer could as easily be deduction because as a doctor, he or she could deduce a time for birth based on the evidence at hand.

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