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    Wink Informative Essay

    I have to write a paper for an online english class. It has to be an informative paper, but we are not aloud to research. Our teacher said:

    4. However, you must write about something that you know well enough to write the paper without looking at a text. If it's something you have studied before, but you need to look up the sequence, that is OK if you can make one-word notes (not whole sentences) about the sequence and then close the book and write from your notes. If you can't write without the book open, you don't know the topic well enough to use it. (And remember, copying something from the internet--or anywhere else-- is grounds for failing you in the course.)

    I am not sure what a topic is, or one that would fall under this. Would it be like how to get into college? Or maybe a research topic I had once done, and I am aloud to look at the information, but just not copy?
    Please help! thanks!

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    Re: Informative Essay

    The topic is the subject. What is the paper going to be about? The topic could be about how to grow tomatoes or how to fly a kite or how to get into college or the live and times of someone famous or just about anything you can think of. The topic is the subject... If your paper is about solving quadratic equations then you topic is "solving quadratic equations"

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