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    Question teaching the short i


    I am teaching American English Accent to some employees of an American call center overseas. I find that they have a very difficult time grasping the short i sound and some can't even detect the difference between the short i and the long E sounds when they are saying the words. Please help!! Do you have any ideas as to exercises we might do to help them?


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    Re: teaching the short i

    If you have access to a cassette recorder, you could borrow a couple of ideas from a British English EFL book called Headway Pronunciation (Elementary Level) from OUP ISBN 9 780194 339407.
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    Re: teaching the short i

    Try this website for phonetic activities, information gaps and even MP3s, I've used one of these lesson plans before and it worked really well.

    English Pronunciation

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    Re: teaching the short i

    I just tried to reply to this so sorry if this comes up twice, but see

    English Pronunciation

    Every phonetics lesson has a range of listening and production activities.

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