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    Where can I get phonetic alphabet fonts?

    I'm looking for phonetic alphabet fonts (phonemic symbols / IPA) for creating classroom handouts. Does anyone know where I can get any to download? (Preferably for free, but I'll pay if I have to!)

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    Re: Where can I get phonetic alphabet fonts?

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    Re: Where can I get phonetic alphabet fonts?

    Thanks very much for that, Anglika!

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    Re: Where can I get phonetic alphabet fonts?

    If you have a relatively modern computer, you probably have Lucida Sans Unicode installed. That has all the IPA symbols you've ever need, plus a whole range of symbols for weird and wonderful languages.

    Using Lucida Sans Unicode, while it's the technically correct thing to do for IPA, is a bit of a pain; you need to use the character map, which you'll find on Windows XP under Start -> All programs -> Accessories -> System tools. You then put the cursor in the "Characters to copy" box; characters available from the keyboard can just be typed in, while the more specialised symbols you find in the character map, click on to select, then press "Select" -- it's a laborious process, but it works. Once you've assembled the IPA, press "Copy", switch back to your word processor and paste it in.

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