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    Question I am a mom...

    I posted this earlier, am I not in a place where this question can/will be answered? Let me know, thanks.

    My son is in the first grade. I had never had any trouble with my son in any way in his education until I moved to another school district ten weeks ago. His teacher wants me to add distractions at home while he does his homework so that he will not get so distracted in the classroom. I had been under the notion that quietness is best for concentration. I know that the teacher has good intentions, however, it seems as she cannot control her students in order to make productivity. My son complains that the kids are too rowdy and often loud. Is she right? If he gets a teacher next year that has a quiet classroom, will the amends this year throw him off? Just very concerned with making the best impression on my son in the few short years that I will be able to make education a love of life. Thank you for your time.

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    Re: I am a mom...

    Your first post was moved to the forum for Teaching English, as it is concerned with a teacher and homework, and might get more attention there from people involved in classroom work.

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