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    Re: what nobody bought was any beer

    It's "low" English, for sure - but heard all the time.

    It is a kind of whining, a lamenting sentence, that complains out of all the people, no one person brought beer to the party - in fact, there wasn't ANY beer bought, by anyone!


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    Re: what nobody bought was any beer

    As for 'GETTING CUTE WITH LANGUAGE', (some people more than others), it is not a personal choice but rather a requirement imposed on us students. However, don't worry, I don't take any offence at all.
    I will let you with some examples so that you can understand why we grow so 'cute'... Rephrase (for you it will be not very different from killing time in front of some crosswords -I reckon that's the way I would feel if asked about Spanish- but for us it can be quite 'intriguing' so to speak).

    NOBODY from this school has EVER written a better composition.
    NEVER_____________________________________________ ____.
    Exhaustion prevented ANY of the runners from finishing the race.
    SO________________________________________________ ____.
    NOBODY could have done ANYTHING to prevent the problem from arising.
    NOTHING___________________________________________ ____.
    And today's guest star:
    NOBODY bought ANY beer.
    IT________________________________________________ _____.

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