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    please help correcting my CV

    Hi all, please help correcting my CV from language mistakes, as you will see, im not a native english speaker.

    Please check also the indicated sentences, is it correct english?


    ICT - Graduaat Informatica ,

    GroepT Leuven
    Undergraduate Program in Information Technology

    Course description:
    ·Programming[C++, Java, OOP]
    ·Web Developments[ PHP, JSP, RSS, HTML, XML, Java scripts, OOIS,CSS]
    ·Database [SQL, Hibernate with java] [MySQL, Derby, MS SQL server]
    ·Computer system [Windows 2003, Linux Fedora]
    ·OS architecture [Windows XP, Linux, Unix, Solaris, Mac]
    ·Hardware and software installation and maintenance.
    ·Information analysis and design.
    ·Software [MS office (word, excel, access, power point, Visio),
    MS Visual studio, eclipse, Borland Together, Rational Rose, Windows, Linux, MS DOS, Sony Acid, Ulead]
    • Graduation project “Goo-Power”
      Goo-Power is an application developed by me and 2 other students for A.S.T.R.D This Application can monitor and control remotely more than 650 power station located all over Belgium.
      Main features:
      1- Secure communication
      2- Hi performance
      3- Swing GUI
      4- Rich client application
      5- Multitasking
    The project had a great success with high score
    Team score is 17/20
    Individual score is 18/20
    • Other projects (Online shopping, search engine, calculator ...and some other small applications)
    Undergraduate Program in Chemical Industry.

    The Technical Chemical Institute in Milan

    The diploma is NOT recognized by the ministry of education

    Secondary school
    Lumbo secondary school – Milan - Italy

    The diploma is recognized by the ministry of education.


    Languages Skills

    ·Italian – Native language
    • English - Intermediate level
    • Dutch – Basic conversational skills
    Improving my language skills will be my next step.


    ·Visual (VDAB Antwerpen)
    • Language course “Dutch”
    • Private marketing and sales crush course “for elgouna company- El Gouna

    Current activities

    Electro mechanics – Electronics

    Industrial Engineering,

    Groept Leuven

    Work Experience

    ·Loader sorter TNT Hasselt
    • Interim jobs (plastic ominum, Hays, Vos)
    • Event organizer, and customer care for Elgouna marketing department -Red Sea El Gouna
    • Sport animator - Zingaro company
      Hotels “Swiss Inn, Sheraton Miramar, Movenpick Elgouna”
    • Summer Jobs “bars and restaurants”
    Interests and activities
    ·I like swimming and diving. I also like watch movies, play video games and going with friends.
    ·I like to explorer the internet, read articles TED: Ideas worth spreading , jokes, and be a part of technical forums” programming, new technologies”
    Personal details
    Birthday: 15 march 1979, born in Rome
    I have double nationality “The Italian and the Belgian”

    Married and have no children.
    Non smoker
    Driving license “B”, International driving license.

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    Re: please help correcting my CV

    other question, is the part of the current avtivities right? i mean at the momnet i'm still studying do i have to add this with the education part or as i did "current activities"?
    thx in advance

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    Re: please help correcting my CV

    Is my cv that bad.
    Please can any one give me any tips or give me green light for this cv

    thx in advance

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