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    by foot or on foot

    I'm a newbie here, and I apologize if this question has already been answered.
    It's about the difference between by and on foot. My students tend to use by foot and I keep correcting them. Now I'm not so sure about it any more.
    What should I tell them?

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    Re: by foot or on foot

    I've never met a hard and fast 'rule', but my usage agrees with your correction: by or on a...] car/plane/bike but on foot - and 'on Shanks's pony' (an idiom that means "on foot"). However, there are so many more by options that it's easy, and tempting im many contexts - especially in lists - to say "by foot".


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    Re: by foot or on foot

    There is a rule though and the correct usage is 'on foot' 'on horseback' and 'by' almost everything else.

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