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Thread: Rock this baby!

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    Rock this baby!

    Hello friends....

    My first post on this forum. Hope I will not make too many mistakes...

    I am working as a designer student here in France and I have to work on a tennis racket these next four weeks.

    I have already find some cool designs but I am now working on the name and idiom that could match this racket.

    I will do some search for the name soon but I have already find some idioms that could translate the feeling I have about the way to use this racket.

    In fact, I would like the player to take the racket and use it as hard as he can. The idiom will be written on the cover and should exhort the player to play at his best.

    Don't forget we are talking sport here so we can use abstract language.

    I was thinking about: "Rock this baby!", "Punch this baby!", "Hit this baby!" or "Smash this baby!".
    I think changes are also possible with silly like: "Rock it silly!", "Smash it silly!", etc...

    Are these idioms good enough to translate such feeling? Perhaps do you have some better ideas? Please let me know.

    I was also thinking about an idiom like "Freak this baby (out?)!".
    Here, the racket should be scared of being used by the player.
    It can be ok too for me. Perhaps another idiom is good too?

    Please let me know your opinion.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Rock this baby!

    Welcome to the forums.

    How about "Smash hit"?

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    Re: Rock this baby!

    Thank you for your answer...

    Could "Hit it loud!" be ok too?...I have already seen this idiom a few times and I thought it could be ok.

    Thank you.


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    Re: Rock this baby!

    Not sure about that - it might work as an advertising slogan. I find it difficult to link a tennis racquet to making a loud noise. Also, if this phrase is to be the name for the racquet, it should reflect the qualities of the racquet rather than the fearsomeness of the player.

    How about "Freaky Baby"/ "Punchy Baby" / "Smashing Baby"?

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    Re: Rock this baby!

    Personally, I would not use the word "baby" in your slogan.

    How about just "Wack It' or "Big Wack" ?

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