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    I need help in letter

    hello everybody, well I'm student of english and well I do this letter of gratefulnes and how I never I do this. I need help if its ok or no or is possible any modificatin or anything. I'm sorry if this is very long.

    Sergio Hernández Hernández
    Jr. Arequipa 1336
    031 - Lima
    Teléfono: 9997777

    Luís Castaneda Lossio
    Major of Lima
    Jr. de la Unión 300 / Jr. Conde de Superunda 177
    01 - Lima
    Lima, February 13, 2008

    Dear Sir.:

    I am writing this gratefulnes letter for the big things that you do for this city.

    During you period the city of Lima has recovered part of your beauty that by the years has been lost. with the creation of the park of the wall, the remodeling of the park of Lima has gained enough in creation of new sites of stroll of the familias. and with his last remodeling of the magical circuit of the water, being this last a wonder because in the night is a great aquatic spectacle. With regard to the routes of circulation of automobiles I know that you have a great preoccupation to improve the routes of transport in all Lima.

    Good in spite of its great preoccupation and great dedication for improving the city in the different aspects. I believe that in spite of his efforts to improve the city it is not sufficient because the transport is even a chaos, the delinquency grows constantly, and you would request to him that it puts greater preoccupation with regard to the citizen security because Lima every day is more dangerous by the assaults, robberies to the step, kidnapping, violations, I hope that you put a better system in which it concerns the citizen security and the public order.

    Good thanking for that you can read my letter I take leave wishing my him parabienes and that it continues improving the services in the capital city.


    Sergio Hernández Hernández

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    Re: I need help in letter

    after faithfully put a comma so it should look like faithfully, and put for spaces after it so you can sign it

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