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    bring faces

    Could anyone please explain the following in bold?

    One fellow employee was speaking for many as she reflected on the year-end meetings we had in Cincinnati. She recalled that they were often long and the weather unusually cold or rainy, and even as she acknowledged that she'd sometimes "skip parts of it," she went on to the heart of the matter, recalling "the pride, affection, and emotion" she felt as she heard "success stories from around the world" and could "bring faces to the names of our leaders."

    Does "skip parts of it" mean "she didn't participate in some of the meetings"? And what does "bring faces" mean in the context?

    Thank you.

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    Re: bring faces

    Yes, she misses those bits that may not seem to be particularly important or relevant to her.

    bring faces to the names of our leaders Also "Put faces to the names of..." - we see them and so can carry an image of them in our heads when we see their names on documents.

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