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Thread: Question marks

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    Question marks

    I was wondering, Why in English language and some other languages, there
    's only one question mark at the end of a sentence?.
    In Spanish language we use the question mark in the beggining and at the end too...
    eg. En How are you?

    Sp ¿Cómo estás?

    je, Is this a silly question?


    Ligia M.

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    Re: Question marks

    I think Spanish is the only western language where there is a question mark also at the beginning of a question... This is just the way the language evolved I guess.

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    Re: Question marks

    Hello Carl, could it be this?
    I think we add a question mark at the beggining because sometimes that's the only way to create an emphasis when asking something.


    Hola, estoy harto Affirmative

    Hola, ¿estoy harto? Question

    Can you see the difference? I don't, the only difference is the question mark. In English you need to change the order to create a question:

    Hello, I am fed up. Affirmative

    Hello, Am I fed up?. Question

    The subject at the beggining will 'act' like the question mark.... Do you think that could be the reason?,

    Sorry, like Albert Einstein said: 'I am only passionately curious'.

    Thanks Carl.


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    Re: Question marks

    Interesting question, and I note that you are just curious. For the reason Spanish uses an inverted question mark perhaps you would be better answered in Spain.

    We have no need to place any emphasis at the beginning of a question. And although the question can be posed in a number of different ways this does not influence how we use the punctuation.
    Simply put, a question is a question; hence a question mark.

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    Re: Question marks

    All right apex2000, thanks for your time : )

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    Re: Question marks

    Wow Soup, that was an interesting link, thanks for your help, now I think I'm satisfied with that and all the other links

    Thanks to all!.

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