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    Hi people!!!!
    Well, I'll begin to teach English and I would like to know some warm-ups that I can use to "break the ice" in my first day. Please, I'll really appreciate any kind of help!

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    Re: Warm-ups

    What type of students will you have? What age?

    How good are they in English?

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    Re: Warm-ups

    I sometoimes use something I came across on a website called "Telling the truth". I write 5 things about myself on the board, 3 are true, 2 are false. The class then has to guess which are true and which are false. I then ask everyine to write 5 things about themselves on a piece of paper - 3 true and 2 false and we go around the class trying to guess which are which. It is a good way of introducing some humour into the lesson right from the start. Good luck

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    Re: Warm-ups

    For very low level students (shaky elementary up to lowish pre intermediate) I like the game called Be Someone Else.

    First you stand in front of the class and prompt questions about you (your name, How many children, age, job etc) then answer using your imagination to inspire students to break away from using familiar answers. Then you hand it over to the class. So you end up with your students telling you they are German engineers aged 67 with seventeen children or Italian actresses who live in Venice, despite the fact they are a group of French teenagers. I like it because it's student centred and it can freshen up the atmosphere in a class, with students released from having to give personal information.

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