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    "to create expectations", "to raise expectations"


    what is the best expression to convey the idea of increasing the interest of someone about something by saying very good things about it?

    "to me it's a spetacular movie but i don't want to create a lot of expectations on you"

    "to me it's an awesome book but i don't want to raise your expectations on it"


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    Re: "to create expectations", "to raise expectations"

    I thought it was a spectacular movie, but I don't want to create a lot of expectations for you.

    I thought it was an awesome book, but I don't want to raise your expectations.

    Here's some more . . .

    The restaurant critic raved about the food, so everyone's expectations were raised.

    His bragging about his grades created an expectation for how his report card would look.

    The outside of the restaurant created an expectation about the food.

    Don't raise your expectations about earning lots of money if you don't work hard in school.

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