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    Question idioms and proverbs about age

    Hello nice to meet you all, i thank in advance for any line thread and help provided, i need your advice and wisdom, i was assigned to find some common sayings proverbs and idioms in American English that refers to Age, i am having a rough time finding them, and finding an explanation might not be so complex, the complex part is precisely finding them, things like, "That guy is still a greenhorn" or maybe like "Still a cub to understand" the usage of colors and other references that point to someone's or something's age.

    Might sound like a silly assignment at first, but believe me i have found myself in front of a real hard challenge, thanks for your attention, i believe that here with you people i found the experience i need to solve this.


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    Re: idioms and proverbs about age

    "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."
    a saying that means old people can't learn anything new

    "wet behind the ears"
    means young and inexperienced

    "old as the hills"
    really old

    "over the hill"

    "no spring chicken"
    not young anymore
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    Re: idioms and proverbs about age

    Hi Tito--

    I have a couple things for you.

    A saying: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

    Phrase: to be "long in the tooth" = old

    Slang: a "geezer" = an eccentric old man

    He's just a "pup." (or "puppy")

    Good Luck,

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