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    My Eglish Is weak

    Hi ,
    Im a teacher for secondary school students . I have feeling that my English is weak . I want to know how can i improve My English language ? You know if the teacher is weak , the students will be weaker . Please help me !!

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    Re: My Eglish Is weak

    Hello, well it's not bad to be weak but it is bad to give a wrong information to a student, so sometimes teachers have doubts, that's ok, we are not machines, if you want to be sure that your English is good or strong there are some things that you could do like taking a course. If you don't want to or you just can't for any reason I recommend some books: longman grammar express, in my opinion this is a really good book, it has good grammar explanations, exercises and exams, there is also a book called Graded Exercises in English by Robert Dixon. These two are really good books and if you have any doubts about English, you can clear it there. And finally I hope I have been of any help

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