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    What are "joint value" and "legacy growth"?

    Hi everyone,

    In marketing documentation, I read sentense below but could not understand.
    Please tell me what "joint value" and "legacy growth" mean.

    1. Value Driven
    Joint value, outcome-focused performance management

    2.Markets Focused
    Acquire, merge, partner
    legacy gowth, business units and functions

    Thank you, always,


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    Re: What are "joint value" and "legacy growth"?

    Hi Higurashi,

    A few words concerning the questions above.

    joint-value relationships: two (or more) equal stakeholders share the same goals and objectives, collaborate to create a new product or service that they could not have created on their own, and go to the market together with a joint-value proposition.

    legacy = money or property bequeathed to another by will

    bequeath = To leave or give (personal property) by will.

    legacy = personal property given by a person under his will, including leaseholds, (but not freeholds), money, securities, furniture, etc.

    leasehold = the right, given in a lease to a person called leaseholder or lessee or tenant, to own and use land and buildings foe a stated period in return for payment of a premium or rent.

    Freehold = a legal right to hold land as the absolute owner, free of payment or duty to others.

    Securities = investment generally, and especially stocks, shares and bonds which are bought as investments. Formerly the word had a narrower meaning: debts or claims the payment of which is in some way secured, but this meaning is seldom used in modern business language.

    There is another version of the term legacy:

    legacy cost = the cost of retiree pension, health, insurance, and other benefits to an employer.



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