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Thread: Nowadays

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    Hi, everyone!

    I guess this is a question for native speakers of both British and American English.

    What is the perspective you have of the word 'nowadays', as meaning 'these days' or 'currently'? Do you think this word is in current usage, or does it sound somewhat outdated or even old-fashioned?

    As teacher of EFL, I advise my students to say either 'today' or 'currently' as a safe bet instead, as I believe 'nowadays' might sound a little outdated.

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Nowadays

    I use it. (I'm British.) I don't think it sounds old-fashioned (though maybe I've got out of touch!)

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    Re: Nowadays

    Nowadays there are many different ways of looking at this. It is certainly used around here, but maybe further to the west it is falling out of use.

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    Re: Nowadays

    Yes, encourage your students to use "today," "presently," or "currently."

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    Re: Nowadays

    Evidently it is falling out of use further west.

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    Before the use of nowadays is so readily rejected, may I make the point that many middle-english words are still in use today because of the succinctness and clarity carried in their meaning. Nowadays is no exception: in my opinion, I think the term aptly describes the present without resorting to latinisms.

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    Re: Nowadays

    'Presently' is a bit of a dangerous alternative, too. I use the word 'presently' to mean in a short time in the future, not right now.

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    Re: Nowadays

    I really appreciate all the feedback!

    I'll stick to 'today' as apparently it is accepted on both sides of the pond and across all generations.

    Again, thank you, everyone!


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