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    have (an) interest in/ take (an) interest in

    Dear teachers,
    What are the differences between have interest in and have an interest in and take interest in and take an interest in?
    Do they all mean "be interested in"?
    But sometimes there are questions in tests which require choosing have or take. I am puzzled. The dictionaries I own can't show me.
    By the way, I've met one sentence before which read "You should take interest in your children." I think here the phrase means "pay attention to". But this doesn't help, it just makes me more confused.
    Please help.
    Thanks a million!

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    Re: have (an) interest in/ take (an) interest in

    If it's an investment or other financial interest, then use the article. Actaually, I am struggling to think of an example where I would say 'have interest' rather than 'have an interest'.

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    Re: have (an) interest in/ take (an) interest in

    I have interest in a restaurant would mean that I have a financial role in the business, possibly ownership.

    I earned interest on my savings means I earned additional money from the bank based on the money I had in my savings account.

    To "have an interest" means to "get attention"

    I have an interest in history means that history engages my attention. (noun)

    I am interested in that bracelet (linking verb)

    To "take interest" is a verb phrase that means the action of being interested, to take notice.

    I take interest in the weather

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