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    using by

    I want to ask do we always use ( by ) with all ways of transport.
    I mean do we say i travel by ( boat, ship ,plane , helicopter and other way of transport)

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    Re: using by

    Not always.

    You can also travel on a boat, in a train, on a plane, on a bicycle and so on.

    To travel by something indicates the means by which you are travelling.

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    Re: using by

    But you always use 'by' if the means of transport is not modified in any way. 'by train' but 'on/in the last train'. 'by car' but ' on/in Peter's car'... and we say 'on foot (or walking) and 'on horseback', 'on camelback'...rather than 'by horse' or 'by camel'... (not a teacher)

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